Preparations for my trip to Canada

Preparations for my trip to Canada

What do you need to do, before you can legally go on holiday to Canada?Above The Netherlands

In my case, I needed to buy a passport, an eTA (electronic Travel Authorization) and a certificate of good conduct.
Since March 15, 2016, you don’t need a visa anymore to visit Canada if you’re from The Netherlands, but an eTA instead. I don’t know if it’s the same for each country. You can read more about an eTA here and you can find out if you need one or not. I also had to arrange travel insurance and a visa card. These are the things where you have to wait the longest for to get, so don’t wait too long with your applications!

What are the other things I had to buy for my trip?

International drivers license. It’s not required to have one, but they recommend it.
Suitcase. I can bring two suitcases (you can check this with your airline company). I borrow one from my sister and I bought the other one second-hand. It’s not necessary to buy a new expensive suitcase.
Adapter. The plugs in The Netherlands are not the same as in Canada.


Camera. I didn’t have one, so I bought an action camera (small and handy).

The most important thing; a ticket! I fly to Canada with Air transat, it’s a Canadian airline based in Montreal, Quebec.

Tip: check your health insurance, if it’s valid abroad. Do the same with your phone company.


  1. Oma

    Lieve schat, ik wens je heel veel plezier, en dat je met meer wijsheid en ervaring je studie straks weer mag vervolgen, dikke hug van Oma XXX

    1. Louise (Post author)

      Dankuwel Oma, Mem zal u op de hoogte houden of u moet zelf op de tablet gaan 😉 xxx


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