The first week in Canada

The first week in Canada, welcome to our home

Welcome to our home
I was welcomed with open arms, but that was after I had waited for 2 hours at customs..insane! William (cousin) took me to their home, we had dinner with the family and after being awake for 22 hours I definitely needed some sleep.

So yeah that happened and here I am, surrounded by lovely people in a beautiful place they call home 🙂 We take it one day at a time and that’s why each day is a surprise. You don’t need to plan everything, just see what life brings you.


Antique MarketWhat did I do this week?

They gave me a tour in their restaurant, I met new people, I unpacked my suitcases and we went to some places. On Saturday, we went to the Aberfoyle Antique Market with a mission. They are opening a new pub “The Roost” and William wanted some roosters for in the pub. We found four roosters, so it was a successful day! We drove around a bit after we came back from the market and William showed me the area. On Monday, we went to Guelph to do some things and It’s a beautiful city, I saw some nice places in Guelph. The rest of the week was not that busy for me, but William and Terri had to do a lot of things for the grand opening of the pub this Monday. It will be crowded and gezellig, William his words 😉

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